Face care

We take care of different kinds of skin & needs. In our offer you will find beauty products for all skin types: sensitive, dry or flabby, as well as for young skin, acne and oily skin. Our products help to achieve the desired effekt: restore the skin's radiance, to strengthen the weak capillaries, hydrate, fight acne, or balance of sebum. For demanding customers, we also have beauty products anti-wrinkle, tensioning and smoothing the skin.


Body care

Each of us wants to have now a beautiful and smooth body. Our cosmetics formulated with natural ingredients like sea salt, seaweed, extracts from fruits and plants, shea butter and natural oils make it easier for you. Try our products and you'll see how soft and fragrant will your skin. Let us take care of your feet and hands, which are the hallmarks elegant woman, and you'll find out how fun and easy-to-use products are fim'elle.



Natural  products of "fim'ella" for all demanding female